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Relay La Cresta

What we found

the free fixRight Roofing Tru-Inpsection discovered some minor issues with this beatiful home. The owner decided to re-roof instead of spot repair. 

The fixRight

In a matter of days our experienced fisRight Roofing team had completed the work and enjoyed the smiles of another happy and satisfied customer.

Hole under whip

Wood Rot


A way forward – fixRight the first time

Long jobs or quick jobs, fixRight Roofing is always on the job. I loved this fast turnaround. The owner could not believe how quick, easy, painless, and cost-efficient fixRight Roofing was for his home. If it is important to you, it is important to me. 

“Dale and the entire crew at fixRight are nothing short of amazing. The honesty and transparency are refreshing.”

“fixRight Roofing took care of my roofing project quickly and at a cost that beat all other estimates”

“By the time I got to Dale at fixRight, I really needed someone who would shoot straight with me. Dale nailed it! Fixed it right the first time!

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