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Roofing done right! fixRight Roofing has seen and done it all! Take a tour of our different case studies from roof repair to re-roofing to custom and detail work. Our expert service, lifelong experience, and commitment to honest, transparent,  working relationships give you confidence and peace-of-mind about your roofing project with fixRight Roofing, inc.


Case Studies

While the roofing industry will place roofing jobs in a box to be processed. fixRight Roofing understands that each roof is uniqe to your desires, the environment, and available resources (your budget)

Low Profile S Roof

This roof, on a house located in San Marcos, CA, was in disrepair when the owner called fixRight roofing repair. After our free estimate process, the owner decided to skip the roof repair and pursue a custom tile roof.

Custom Shingle Roof Redlands

fixRight Roofing loves to help families with home improvement roofing projects. Nothing is more demonstrative than a brand new roof. This project was in Redlands, CA. 

Apartment Complex

This house, in Murrieta, CA, was what we call another re-roofing project. The age of this house was an astounding 75 years and when we got there the roof looked like it. We repaired some of the structural issues with the roof and the applied this beautiful overlay.

Relay in La Cresta

We had the pleasure of working on this fine home in La Cresta. For fixRight roofing, no job too big, too small, or too detailed. 

Relay Wildomar

This re-roof in rural Wildomar was an amazing experience.

Shingle Re-Roof Hemet

This house was a blessing to fixRight.

Shingle Re-Roof Lake Elsinore

In Lake Elsinore this home was fixed right by fixRight roofing!

Shingle Re-Roof Menifee

It’s amazing what some roof fixRight TLC can do.

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